Dental Practitioners

Perform sleep studies from your own practice to properly and efficiently diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Industry Specialists

We help you perform level 2 sleep studies in your own practice, so that your patients treatment remains in your hands

General Practitioners

Remain in control of your patient’s sleep studies and treatments without losing them to corporate sleep study providers

Other Health Professionals

Sleep apnea has common links between snoring, obesity, heart disease, strokes and workplace accidents

Sleep Apnea Treatment & DIagnosis

General Practitioners

In your endeavour to provide comprehensive in-house sleep management we assist beyond the provision of equipment. At Sleep Logistics+ a range of validated treatments are brought into your own practice and are administered by your own trained staff.

Holistic approach to helping treat your patients with sleep apnea

Dentist Applications

With Sleep Logistics+ you will be able to not only provide mandibular advancement devices based on the sleep study results but the opportunity to broaden the therapeutic scope of your offering with C-PAP therapy, positioning devices and other therapeutic treatment options.

13 Million

Obese Australians which is a major cause of Sleep Apnea


Of patients are undiagnosed with Sleep Apnea


Of people who have had a stroke, have Sleep Apnea

7 Times

More likely to suffer a stroke with untreated Sleep Apnea

No better time than now

Perform home sleep studies at your practice today

We make sure you are well prepared to diagnose, assess and treat sleep disorders by providing quality, fast, and affordable sleep studies. We will never harass your patients for product sales.


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