Sleep Logistics+

Sleep Logistics + is an extension of Sleep Logistics. It incorporates the provision of sleep physician scored sleep studies added to this in the endeavour to assist in providing a more comprehensive sleep service is the provision of appropriate training of all validated devices used in the management of snoring and sleep apnoea.

Dental Practitioners

With Sleep Logistics+ you will be able to not only provide mandibular advancement devices based on the sleep study results, but the opportunity to broaden the therapeutic scope of your offering with C-PAP therapy, positioning devices and other therapeutic treatment options.

Metropolitan General Practitioners

In your endeavour to provide comprehensive in-house sleep management, we assist beyond the provision of equipment. At Sleep Logistics+ a range of validated treatments are brought into your own practice and are administered by your own trained staff.

Non Metro General Practitioners

Sleep Logistics+ offers a unique opportunity for Non Metropolitan General Practitioners to in-house sleep management training for local staff and comprehensive management of their patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea.


Sleep logistics is owned by doctors, for doctors